Why everyone needs an anti-virus app in their Android?



Android phones are the most prevalent among smartphone users today, holding a 73 percent market share, as of June 2021. Androids are sought after worldwide because of their ease of use, as well as updated hardware and software features that give them a strong edge over other operating systems and devices.

The customizability of the Android that most users flock to, however, also makes it prone to cyber-attacks. These attacks take the form of viruses such as malware, spyware, ad-ware, Keyloggers(say goodbye to your passwords!), and Trojan horses. These categories can often overlap and can even be launched as one lethal package which can severely compromise an Android phone physical and virtually. These threats are usually hard to detect and can be overlooked by even expert Android users.

Anti-virus programs have always been considered a necessity for every computer and laptop but are even more important for Android devices in lieu of the larger personal data they hold, including all our personal communication, media and financial details. The Android does have its own security measures in place for browsing and for Google PlayStore as well as encryption for communication. But cybercriminals have worked hard on finding a way around these and attack through unobvious ways such as click bait, phishing and android spy app that hide in games and entertainment, and are usually downloaded and installed by a user unknowingly though Google play or other websites. Parents also find their phones ending up in the hands of their children and often overloaded with unverified games.

Anti-virus programs, which tech novices may be less familiar with, are an Android user’s best bet to keeping them safe from cyber threats and spy apps. The following anti-virus software has been reviewed in terms of performance, usability as well as protection.

The best Anti-virus apps for your Android:

Avast Antivirus-Scan and remove Virus Cleaner: Since 1988

Launched in the Czech Republic, Avast is a personal favorite on all platforms, in the workplace and at home. Most Anti-virus programs like Bit-defender that were extremely widespread on the computer, lost their way on the Android because they were too bulky, drained RAM and battery and just weren’t Android friendly. Avast changed that by excelling in ease of use, security and customizable features. What makes Avast stand out is the fact that it is perfect for devices that are  less capable of handling heavy programs and  have lower RAM and speed. With Avast, an Android user gets state of the art security without having to compromise on phone performance.

Avast’s free features boast a lot to secure and protect your data. A Camera trap feature captures audios as well as photos theft attempts, detected by unknown fingerprint and facial recognition. It also has the unique capability to check our device’s last location in case of battery failure. Avasts’s brilliant app lock option keeps sensitive content secure by allowing Android users to lock and app with a PIN, pattern or fingerprint. This feature is great because it enables a user to allow friends or family members to use their phones without access to sensitive or private content.

Avast AV also contains a junk cleaner, a strong Web shield for VPN without bandwidth limit, and even app insights to balance screen time. Hack alerts also notify users about weak passwords or possible password leaks from less secure websites.

Avast has 4.7 star rating and over 7million downloads, and if you haven’t installed it already, do it now!

AVG Security and Android virus cleaner: Since 1998

One of the most downloaded and reviewed on Play store, AVG AV is the second most popular choice for Android security now. AVG offers privacy and protection while even enhancing phone performance.

AVG scans apps, games and websites and gives attempted hack alerts. It also provides enhanced security for the WIFI and particularly for public WIFI and VPN, which can make Androids more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  

Performance boosting tools clean up ‘junk’ files and even check WIFI download and upload speed.

AVG’s advanced Anti-theft system discreetly captures photos of a thief or an unknown person attempting to unlock a phone and email it to the phone owner. In case of theft, it also allows the Android user to track a phone via GoogleMaps. The AVG app also uses Device Administrator permission which allows users to remotely lock and wipe their devices from the app’s website. AVG also offers improve accessibility for visually impaired users and gives special alerts to enable ease of access.
With a 4.7 star rating and more than 6 million downloads, AVG is a must have for Android safety.

Kaspersky Antivirus Security and virus cleaner: Since 2006

Kaspersky is the runner up and 3rd most preferred Anti-Virus program among Android users. It features strong anti-virus protection as well as the Anti-theft feature and App lock. Kaspersky’s web filter is particularly good, limiting access as well as alerting users about potentially malicious websites.  A Background check feature scans on demand and in real time for malware and even ransomware, a new cryptovirological threat that encrypts an Android’s data, barring its owner from accessing it.

The App lock protects financial information and personal communication from prying eyes and Find my phone allows a user to locate a stolen or lost device.

Kaspersky also employ a strong Anti-Phishing filter to detect and prevent websites, apps and messages from accessing your bank and financial details while shopping online.

Kasperky brags a 4.8 star rating and 3million downloads.

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