The Many Viral Spring 2022 Couture Runway Instances,



This season was created for social media, from catwalk-inspired creatures to handbags with gold heads.

Fashion’s most sought-after currency (after that, of course, the actual money). Designers are aware that most of us consume fashion week-related content via the social networks we follow. To stand out from the digital noise, it is essential to provide people with something to discuss. In Spring 2022’s fashion week, the conversation veered everywhere, including Chanel’s horse model to Schiaparelli’s gold-headed bag and Viktor & Rolf’s Nosferatu-inspired wear.

In all collections, this season’s haute couture was at the intersection of fun, austerity, and some hints of futuristic. Check out our collection of the most popular fashion moments from the fashion week of 2022.

Azzaro Azaro: The ongoing fashion of men’s clothing

Azzaro’s latest and most elaborate offering Azzaro is bound to appear in the year’s awards season since we can completely imagine Machine Gun Kelly in this glittering moment. With the help of Dolce & Gabbana, Raf Simons, Givenchy, and now Azzaro, men are finally being included in the fashion conversation. Indeed, it is possible to say that they’ve become the most exciting category to watch when it comes to the red carpet, like at the VMA’s and other celebrity-filled occasions.

Chanel, The horse, is on the runway.

For the SS22 Couture collection, Chanel transformed its runway into a manege as the brand’s ambassador Charlotte Casiraghi galloped down the catwalk. The equestrian Monaco royal and grandchild of Grace Kelly wore a Chanel jacket made of sequins and black tweed and black jodhpurs in black and tall riding boots. The front row spectators watched the show from behind camera phones. So it’s no surprise that the event set social media on fire. And what about the horse? She’s an icon. She’s legendary, and she’s at the moment.

Fendi: An iconic history lesson

If you’ve skipped any of your high school’s courses in history, there is no reason to be worried. To launch Fendi’s new Spring 2022 Couture collection Creative Director Kim Jones took a Roman trip to Rome and brought home some of the most fashionable souvenirs. The mentions of Italy and the Italian capital city and rich history aren’t exactly subtle and include a slight science-fiction twist. A case of this is This dark and stormy gown, featuring a painterly Renaissance design.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: A voyage through time through a texture

Let’s face it, Y/Project creative director Glen Martens put the Haute in haute couture in his interpretation of a Jean Paul Gaultier collection. “Couture means pure beauty and elegance,” the designer declared. “Looks that have no business being on the street.” And Martens fulfilled this promise with 3D metal flower arrangements fitted pinstripe suit suits and Belle Epoque fabrics, resembling Gothic statues and the fashions famous during the Victorian and Medieval period. A bizarre collection, Martens runway style has received a lot of praise on social media.

Schiaparelli The Heads of Schiaparelli

This isn’t a prank. This gold-headed decapitated bag is part of Schiaparelli’s sci-fi-inspired spring collection. Beginning the couture week 2022 with a bang, the creative director Daniel Roseberry sent an array of galactic heroines on the runway, with Saturn’s rings and sun-like designs and a nod to the brand’s 30s-era heritage. We’ve come to be prepared for the unexpected during the fashion show. I’m not sure who could have imagined a bejeweled head. It’s been being talked about on social media. Let the meme games begin!

Valentino: Couture is for all sizes, stages, and ages

The haute couture runways have traditionally been dominated by one specific kind of model, either white or gamine or perhaps gamine, and young. Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Picioli hoped to alter this idea with the Anatomy of Couture, “a show that removes constraint and crosses age, background, and shape.” The designer started to Vogue that he looked for ten models from the house with diverse body types to create different shapes. It resulted from a more modern runway show that was perfect for the fashion industry’s new body-positive push.

Viktor & Rolf: Necks are underrated

Coco Chanel once said, “Nothing goes out of fashion sooner than a long dress with a shallow neck.” Perhaps, the creative director Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren went a bit too far in the Spring 2022 Couture collection, where models’ necks were covered entirely in cloth. More Count Dracula as Edward Cullen, the inspiration behind the elaborate collection was the vampire from the silent film from 1922 Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror in a tribute to people hiding in the shadows. COVID and “going out into the world again but cautiously.”

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