The Audio Technica AWAS headphones review Music that can make you weak in your knees.



Should you decide to put headphones like the Audio-Technica AWAS headphones, despite the price of $600? We’ll tell you what we think.

Here’s our opinion on the Audio Technica AWAS headphones

The search for the perfect music can be a long one, particularly if you consider yourself an audiophile. Each time you’re blown away by a headphone or speaker, you are aching to hear something more. There are always things that act as an earring in this process which can last until another device blows your head. I believe that the Audio-Technica AWA might be one of these devices for many.

The ATHAWAS are closed-back wooden headphones that are closed-back and dynamic wooden. The style is traditional or vintage, with over-the-ear earcups that encompass your ears. The most appealing aspect of the style is the cups constructed of the red Japanese Cherry wood or Asada Zakura. They blended perfectly with the furniture in your home that some of the guests believed was a design object.

The headband is made of metal and rubber and can be adjusted to ensure the ideal fitting. Audio-Technica utilizes its A2DC (Audio Design detachable Coaxial) cables here. And inside the package, you receive one 6.3 millimeters gold-plated stereo plug and a XLRM balanced 4-pin connector sporting three-metre cables. I tried the latter using the 3.5mm converter on my MacBook. However, those who purchase these headphones will not require an outlet and have the output type that allows plugging in these cables straight.

The greatest thing about the cup design is that they are constructed of Red Japanese Cherry wood or Asada Zakura. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Nandagopal Rajan)

The headphones are comfortable to wear for long hours because even though they are made of wood, they’re not heavy. Although they have magnesium alloy armors that support the weight perfectly, The leather covers allow your ears to feel snug. But, during summertime, especially in the Indian season, I’m certain you’ll need to remove these periodically to let your ears break.

The ATH-AWAS utilizes 53 mm drivers with magnetic circuitry, and the diaphragms feature carbon-coated diamonds. This means that the sound reproduction is top-quality. The intro to Valerie Joyce’s Fever showcases the fullness and quality these headphones can provide in only a couple of seconds. If you’re one of those who like to listen to many vocals, then these headphones may seem like a blessing due to the way it sounds natural. It’s like you’re sitting close to the spot where Christy Baron is singing Ain’t No Sunshine, and the cello is plucked to help balance the strong vocals.

The headphones are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods since even though they are made of wood, they’re not too heavy.

It was like an explosion within my head when I heard the audiophile version of Boney M’s Sunny, and it wasn’t just memories. The BGM is so intricate that it is a complicated composition. When you reduce it to something as powerful as Jessica Manning singing Somewhere Only We Know, You have explored both sides of the range of what ATH-AWAS is capable of.

It wasn’t like I’d return the headphones without playing some of my favorite songs. From the Girl from Ipanema and Hotel California, all songs I’d played hundreds of times throughout the years. I learned new things about them that were enjoyable while adding cherished memories of these songs.

Then, the playlist shifted towards You and Your Friend by Dire Straits… I was unsteady on my knees. It was quite special, as the soft, comfortable bean bag that you’ll never get out of, ever. Perhaps the Audio-Technica AWA is the final step to sound bliss.

The Audio-Technica AWAS is an investment, and it must have these kinds of capabilities. It would be best if you didn’t even think about this when you don’t have 2,75,790 set aside for your search for the best pair of headphones. However, it’s a reasonable cost for those who love music to pay for the chance to experience pure audio. The Audio-Technica AWAS is an art form. It is there to help put everything else into the right perspective.

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