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Let It Be Morning movie review (2023)

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At first, it seems as if we might be looking through the protective grille of a helmet, but it’s the point-of-view of caged doves that are eventually supposed to take flight to exalt the couple’s union. Revelers lift the bride Lina (Yara Elham Jarrar), and the groom Aziz (Samir Bishirat), over their heads and carry them around the dance floor. We meet Aziz’s sad-seeming older brother Sami (Alex Bakri), who is visiting from Jerusalem, where he has a cushy tech executive job, a wife and young son who have accompanied him, and a mistress that he secretly texts. Sami’s wife Mira (Juna Suleiman) is frustrated that Sami doesn’t touch her anymore but suppresses her instincts about what that might mean.  We meet Sami and Aziz’s brother-in-law Nabil (Doraid Liddawi), the husband of their o...