Monday, March 27

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‘Futurama’ Reboot Teases Release Date

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Futurama has been off the air for what feels like ages. Luckily, Lauren Tom, the voice of Amy, confirmed that we can look forward to new episodes this summer. She recently tweeted about the long-awaited reboot. After a number of issues, it’s good to hear that the series finally got off the ground. The show has jumped around from Fox to Comedy Central, and now to Hulu, where these new episodes will debut. For a while, it appeared that John DiMaggio would not return as the voice of the robot Bender, but he was ultimately able to work out a deal to appear on the new show. Thankfully — a Futurama without the real Bender would have been a bleak one. Here was Tom’s tweet, confirming the new shows are coming “sometime this summer”: For those who aren’t particula...