Tuesday, December 5

Tag: Performing

Dungeons & Dragons over performing to the tune of $40 Million

Dungeons & Dragons is coming in ahead of expectations with an estimated $40 Million opening. In the battle of Wick vs Dragons, Dragons win! As Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves pulled in a healthy $5.6 million from Thursday previews on its way to what is looking like a $40 million weekend, blowing past even the most modest of predictions. Preview numbers generally are just for the Thursday before a films release day, but for Dungeons & Dragons Paramount has had several screenings in the weeks leading up to the film and as such has culled all the money earned from those screenings into its “preview” numbers. Of course it says something when the studio has such faith in their film that they have screenings weeks in advance, showing they had no fear of bad word of mouth ...