Monday, March 27

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Ashton Kutcher Still Talks to Danny Masterson, Recalls ’70s Show Advice

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Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson rose to superstardom for their roles in That ’70s Show, and while Masterson is currently facing legal issues, Kutcher recently spoke about his friend and their time together. Speaking to Esquire, Kutcher talked about the Netflix reboot of That ’70s Show, That ’90s Show, a series that saw most of the original ’70s Show cast appear in cameos. The one main character that didn’t appear, however, was Masterson, who wasn’t invited back after being charged in June 2020 with three counts of rape from three separate incidents. When speaking of Masterson, Kutcher noted that he was the original leader of the group of actors during their time on That ’70s Show. According to Kutcher, it was actually Masterson that would urge the gr...