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Some fun facts on Canada’s Winter Olympic team,



Short Track icon Charles Hamelin needs one more medal to be a part of history.

Canada officially has been named as its Olympic team.

The opening ceremony is just one week away. A few of their participants already at Beijing, Canada, presented their complete list of 215 athletes competing at the Winter Olympics. This is slightly less than the teams in the past two Winter Games but still the third-largest in history. With 109 athletes and 106 females, The Canadian Olympic Committee says this is the most gender-balanced team it’s ever had to send to the Winter Games.

Here are some additional interesting details regarding the crew:

The oldest woman and oldest male are both curlers. Jennifer Jones, 47, aims to compete for her second gold medal in the women’s competition, while John Morris, 43, is seeking to win his second mixed doubles champion.

The youngest athlete is 16-year old half-pipe snowboarder Brooke D’Hondt. She was just shy of her birthday when three current team members, the curlers Brad Gushue and Mark Nichols, and short track speed skater Charles Hamelin — made their Olympic debuts in the year 2006. Gushue and Nichols return to compete for the very first time since, and Hamelin is scheduled to participate for the fifth time in a row at Winter Games.

Hamelin could make history in Beijing. Five Olympic medals are already in his collection. He needs more to equal the long sprinter Cindy Klassen for the Canadian Winter Olympic record. A sixth gold medal would be tied with Hamelin and Andre De Grasse as Canada’s most accomplished male Olympian. A seventh-place Hamelin alongside Penny Oleksiak for most decorated Canadian Olympians ever.

Five sets of siblings make up the team. Chloe and Justine Dufour-Lapointe, who competed on the women’s moguls podium at Sochi in 2008, is set to go up against each other again. Christian and Scott Gow (biathlon) and Hannah and Jared Schmidt (ski cross) compete in similar sports. Cassie Sharpe (ski halfpipe) and Darcy Sharpe (snowboard slopestyle and big air) compete in distinct but spiritually comparable sports. Identical to the 2014 ski cross gold medalist Marielle Thompson and her brother Broderick, an alpine skier.

On a more serious note, the COC announced five Canadians in the Canadian delegation were placed under COVID-19 protocol upon their arrival in Beijing. “Delegation” includes athletes, coaches, and other support staff, and the COC declined to reveal names.

Jennifer Jones, 47, is the oldest Canadian athlete in Beijing. (Rick Elvin/The Canadian Press)

Remember To the Canadian soccer team for men has two promising young stars.

On Saturday night, Jonathan David delivered that message with a stunning display, scoring a brilliant second-half strike that ended Canada’s 2-0 victory in a critical World Cup qualifier in Honduras. The win kept Canada unbeaten and on top of the table in the final round of their regional qualifying tournament with just five matches remaining. The top three places the Canadian men’s team to its first World Cup since 1986.

Before the match, there was plenty of concern about Canada’s possibility of falling off the rankings. The legendary Alphonso Davies is not participating in this qualifying window due to an issue with his heart. Canada has a terrible performance record in Honduras. Stephen Eustaquio, the key midfielder, was also absent this evening after being reported to be harmful to COVID-19. However, Canada proved that it has the strength to endure such storms once more. Taejon Buchanan scored an early own goal with impressive moves, while the goalkeeper Milan Borjan made some big saves, and David scored the winner with his brilliant effort (set up by a laser-like 40-yard strike made by Liam Fraser) in the 72nd minute.

With 12 goals scored in nine games this season with Lille, the French club Lille David is the second-highest in scoring in Ligue 1, which is one of Europe’s “big five” leagues and has global superstars Kylian Mbappe as well as Neymar. While young 21-year-old Davies is the center of the club, David, who’s only ten months older, is a genuine young star on his own. In the 25 matches he has played for the Canadian national team’s male players, David has 19 goals which are only three shies of the record for all-time goals scored.

Canadian soccer enthusiasts were in awe of David’s goal in the final minutes of the night as more positive news came in: fourth-placed Panama was defeated by Costa Rica, increasing Canada’s chances of staying in the top three spots to five points. Three points are worth winning and a draw one, which is pretty substantial with just five games remaining.

The next game is enormous — a matchup against Canada’s second-place, the United States, on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET in Hamilton, Ont. Hamilton, Ontario. On Saturday night, Americans were one point behind Canada after beating El Salvador 1-0 at home. Third-placed Mexico, which is just two points further behind Canada, maintained its lead by securing a 2-1 win in Jamaica.

In the event of a catastrophe, Canada’s chances to make it to the World Cup in November in Qatar are looking extremely good. Canada’s final and third match in this window will be played on Wednesday night in El Salvador, which ranks seventh in the standings of eight teams (ahead just Honduras). In the middle of March, the last window sees Canada play Panama as well as fifth-place Costa Rica and host sixth-place Jamaica.


The Oilers offered Evander Kane a (second?) (third?) (fourth?) (fifth?) chance. It’s impossible to know the number of instances Kane is (allegedly) been caught crossing the line. However, the tilting Oilers are willing to risk it following an NHL-commissioned inquiry that concluded “insufficient evidence” that Kane has misrepresented his COVID-19 status or the results of a test related to his travel to Canada during the break for Christmas. Following the announcement on Tuesday, Edmonton signed Kane for the remaining time. The 30-year-old winger was an unrestricted free agent earlier in the month when Kane was released by the San Jose Sharks terminated the remaining seven years of his $49 million US contract due to a violation of COVID-19 protocols, which cost Kane around $23 million. The breach occurred following an incident in which the NHL banned Kane on Oct. 21 after having a fake vaccination card and resulted in the Sharks placing Kane on waivers and sending Kane into the minors. Edmonton hopes Kane will allow a team that has won 9 of the first ten matches of the season, then lost 13 of 15, starting December. 3 to Jan. 20 and has won three consecutive games.

Novak Djokovic is on the close of receiving the boot once more. The world’s No. 1’s decision not to get vaccine-free against COVID-19 before the Australian Open resulted in his being exiled from the country before the event. In the present, Djokovic is just one game away from being removed (temporarily at the very least) from the records. Suppose Rafael Nadal wins the men’s final. Daniil Medvedev, the No. 2 seed Daniil Medvedev, the Spaniard, breaks his match to Djokovic and Roger Federer for the record for singles men’s Grand Slam titles. The women’s final could be historic, given that the no. one ranked Ash Barty can become the first Australian woman to take home her first Slam from 1978 onwards. Barty has two titles to her name. She faces her rival, American Danielle Collins, is a 28-year-old woman who has never been to the Slam final. The women’s final will be played on scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 a.m. ET while the men’s final will take place on Sunday, at the same hour.

It’s a matter of timing. The Super Bowl matchup will be determined on Sunday. Following last week’s heart-stopping victory against Buffalo (or heartbreaking, for those who are Bills supporters), Kansas City can be a part of the third consecutive Super Bowl when it hosts Cincinnati in the AFC championship game Sunday at 3 p.m. ET. In the NFC championship game scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET, the San Francisco 49ers look to achieve their third consecutive road loss against Los Angeles Rams. Los Angeles Rams. The Niners defeated Dallas and then sent Aaron Rodgers and the top-seeded Green Bay Packers to another early exit last week.

And then…

A half-heartedScotties begins tonight. Usually, the Canadian women’s championship is considered one of the most coveted events of the curling season. However, this year, the whole thing seems a bit off. Due to the Olympics and the Olympics, the Scotties were kicked out of its regular time slot in February and have lost many of its top players. The six-time winner Jennifer Jones is playing in the women’s competition in Beijing, and triple winner Rachel Homan is competing in the mixed doubles. They will compete against the Scotties at the start of the Wednesday of this week on Wednesday morning in Canadian times zones. Since Homan, as well as Jones, is out, the top contenders to compete for victory are Kerri Einarson’s Team Canada rink, who are aiming to win the title for the third time in a row, and Tracy Fleury’s Winnipeg-based Team Wild Card 1, which Jones defeated at the end of the Canadian Olympic trials. It’s a quiet atmosphere Thunder Bay, Ont. is likely to be a bit chilly because no fans are allowed to attend the event until the playoff rounds because of COVID-19’s restrictions.

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Bojoko increases its UK presence through Bojoko Sports Betting the launch.



The gambling affiliate Bojoko recently launched the Bojoko Sports Betting website in the UK, which will help it gain a more significant foothold in the British gaming and wagering industry.

By employing a ‘double layer’ method, Bojoko aims to provide users with an understanding of what a book offers before they sign up and deposit money. At the same time, Bojoko’s UK customer base of up to 30,000 users can also review and rate the operators based on their personal experiences.

Furthermore, Bojoko has leveraged a team of independent testers of sportsbooks who have provided feedback and a rating on bonuses, odds, and other aspects for each website featured.

The company has developed its website to provide details on the UK betting on sports and online gambling experts and sports enthusiasts providing written content. Visitors can search through a “large variety of British sportsbooks, each being evaluated according to strict guidelines before being included on the site.

Jussi Viljanen, Bojoko’s Head of the Sports department at Bojoko Jussi Viljanen, Bojoko’s Head of Sports, stated: “Having established Bojoko as an elite affiliate casino online within the UK market, it was sense to move into the wagering on sports vertical to let bettors look around and select the top sports betting online websites.

“Our innovative double-layer approach helps to highlight the sportsbooks that go above and beyond to deliver a top player experience while at the same time allowing our visitors and members to identify those brands quickly and easily.”

Other features available on the site include various tools that allow users to search for sportsbooks according to each user’s most critical aspects of their personal preferences.

Operators are also assessed by their withdrawal time and the firm offering badges available to those who can meet the minimum threshold. Operators may apply for this badge if they believe their cashouts are swift enough to meet the point.

Bojoko developed its brand new website with the same design approach it has utilized in its UK casino since it made its public debut in 2017.

Viljanen further said: “We have taken the same approach to Bojoko Sports Betting as we have with the online casino, and we believe this will help us quickly emerge as the leading destination for UK bettors looking for information about sports betting as well as quick access to the latest and the best sportsbooks.”

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Kraken’s Blackwell is trying to find his stride in the second third.



The human body begins to be impacted by being a part of the National Hockey League around the season’s halfway point. The numerous bruises and bumps and scrapes and scrapes and the stress of playing four games over seven days begin to cause fatigue to even the most demanding players.

Colin Blackwell finds himself in the rare situation of not being a part of that majority. While he and the expanding Seattle Kraken come into Boston to play Boston Bruins on TD Garden Tuesday (7 p.m.) in the first-ever match, The veteran St. John’s Prep superstar is healthy, well-behaved, and ready to perform his best hockey in the 2021-22 period.

“Honestly, it’s the best I’ve felt for a while now,” said the forward who started the season by suffering a lower back injury that forced him to be absent from training camp and the beginning of the season. He was forced to withdraw from the team following his December absence after being put into the COVID protocol for the league.

“Especially these past few games, I’m feeling very well. I’m not experiencing any more pain or injury. I’m just skating and not worrying about anything,” Blackwell added. “I feel like I’m playing good hockey, and our team is turning into a new direction. I’m in good health and am fully prepared to play.”

5’9,190 pounds, which can play any position in the forward three, is currently skating left wing for the team’s fourth line, along with experienced center Riley Sheahan and former Bruin Karson Kuhlman. They are a fast grinding team.

After Sunday’s loss 3-2 at home in New York in the Rangers, Blackwell has four goals with three assists and seven points through 21 games, while he ranks third on the team’s shooting percentage, completing 16.4 percent of his shots.

Blackwell is trying to be a force in every game as a top-six forward, regardless of the role he’s expected to fill or the amount he is involved in a specific game.

“Mindset and confidence are huge things,” Blackwell said. Blackwell recorded his best career in all areas while playing in the Rangers in 2020-21, with 12-10-22 in 47 games. Blackwell was later selected for the Kraken in the expansion draft in the summer of last year.

“One thing I’ve certainly been trying to incorporate into my game is to have more of an attacking mindset and be efficient with the time I’m given. If I can hold on to the puck for a longer and make the most chances to shoot, it’s good for us. The more pucks you hit create more energy for the linemates, you, and your teammates, leading to scoring opportunities.

“We haven’t had many D-zone shifts the last few games,” he said, “but it makes sense that if you’re on a third or fourth-liner who is at home, you’ll likely be in a battle with the team’s top line since they’ve made the most recent change. Blocking shots is a huge benefit for me because it creates momentum and demonstrates defensive responsibilities. You can add it to your arsenal whatever you do to help build trust with your coaches and teammates.”

Although they haven’t had the kind of immediate success they did the Vegas Golden Knights did in their first campaign four years ago. However, the Kraken has successfully won four of the recent seven games and is expected to gain momentum as they move from January towards February.

Blackwell stated that the atmosphere of the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle has “been so passionate and fantastic” thanks to raucous and loyal fans, who are just beginning to learn about hockey and the long-time fans of the game. Blackwell has noticed many Kraken sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel throughout the downtown area. Blackwell lives with his girlfriend, Lauren, and their miniature Goldendoodle Bexley, soaking up the inaugural excitement team has generated in The Pacific Northwest.

Even though he’s not home as often as he’d prefer to playing his trade 3,057 miles away from his family’s residence at North Andover will do that — he is grateful for every opportunity to be a part of Boston in front of his parents and the close family members who attend St. John’s Prep.

Tuesday’s game against the Bruins on the TD Garden. TD Garden will mark Blackwell’s 102nd NHL game after crossing the century mark just four nights before in Pittsburgh.

“It means a lot to me,” Blackwell acknowledged. “From a child that was from North Andover Youth Hockey and St. John’s Prep, one who was forced to take so long away to play (at Harvard) because of injuries, and was close to putting down the hockey boots … I’m not taking 100 matches in the NHL lightly. I’m pretty proud of it.

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