Food In Fashion: These Sandwich Sneakers Have Piqued The Internet’s Curiosity.



Sandwich sneakers are the latest trend to stir up controversy in the fashion industry, and Instagram users were split on the direction.

It is believed that what we wear reflects the person we are. Our style isn’t just determined by our personal preferences and preferences, but also the expression of our personalities and taste. For instance, if you’re an avid foodie, you’re likely to be interested in foods that are featured on your bags and t-shirts. But would you be able to display your passion for food so much that your clothes reflected this as well? Recent news reports have revealed that shoes that look like sandwiches have caught the attention of the internet. Do you believe us? Have a look:

The sandwich sneakers are the latest product by a well-known American brand known as Dolls Kill. They are made from artificial materials. These shoes cost $98 or the equivalent of Rs. 7,329/-. The sandwich comes with onions, pepperoni, tomatoes, lettuce, and even olives over the top!

“Current Mood Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers take a bite, take a bite! According to an overview of this item from the official site, these novelty sandwich sneakers have a vegan leather construction, platform soles with veggies and meats, and adjustable lace-up closures with olive skewer charms,” according to an overview of this item from the official site.

Sandwich turned into a quirky sneaker for this American brand.

Internet users have divided the sneakers that resembled sandwiches. Instagram users came up with many hilarious reactions to the shoes. “Where Are U Wearing Them,” the brand wrote in its caption. A hilarious user responded, “The psych ward, cause that’s probably where my parents would send me if I started wearing these.” Others seemed okay with the idea and were curious to wear the items. “I work at subway, and I’d so wear these to work,” one person said, as another laughed, “I wish you had a vegan version.”

Do you think you would wear these intriguing sandwich sneakers? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section. The sneakers aren’t the only odd clothing item to have added food to the design. In the past, the French designer came up with a bag for a leaf that got the attention of Twitter users. Click here to learn more about the design.

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