Five fashion trends Deepika Padukone has endorsed in 2022,



A dress in orange with clever cut-outs, and a blazer jacket with boots. Deepika Padukone has made 2022’s look amazing so far.

The actress Deepika Padukone has been busy promoting her forthcoming film Gehraiyaan (2022), and we’re trying to keep up with her style, which is the perfect blend of cool and class. The actress constantly pushes the limits in her looks. She offers us outfits packed with the most fashionable pieces—for example, adding a trench coat to the dazzling blue midi dress or the frilled crimson blouse that she wore to a gorgeous black leather legging. Padukone excels at elevating everyday items to a level of sophistication.

When we start 2022 with the annual ritual of getting our wardrobes ready to reflect the fashions in the coming months, We naturally browse through the most fashionable stars on Bollywood’s Instagram to get immediate inspiration. Padukone’s style, rooted in manner, but infused with class and elegance, has been a significant factor in this year’s fashion-themed mood boards. Check out the key trends that the fashion-forward actress has been wearing.

The jacket dress

The boxy blazers took over our wardrobes last year, as we started to get back to work, yet not ready to work a whole five-day week. Wearing her monochrome blazer with black suede over-the-knee boots (to fight one of winter’s coldest temperatures ever seen in Mumbai), Padukone gave a splash of color with her vibrant pink lips. The blazer dress with a box will be the ideal companion for transitioning from day to night for a chic nighttime look.

Creative cut-outs

I’m a believer. We’ve seen everything with this style, from catsuits with cut-outs to cut-out dresses over the last year. This trend will undoubtedly continue to be popular until 2022. Padukone dressed in a bright orange dress by David Koma, the icon of cuts David Koma. It was styled with a striking strap-on pump in black. The actress finished her outfit with an impressive pair of gold shoulder grazers from Misho.

Lady in red

We’ve all witnessed Padukone’s eternal love for everything things leather. In addition to showing her passion for the luxurious material, she was seen on the red carpet promoting her film in a fiery red outfit of Milo Maria. The crisscross neck bodycon outfit was completed with a set of pumps in red. Padukone made a conscious decision not to spend money on accessories and make her dress the focal point of her outfit.

Ready to print

Printing on paper is a safe method to make an impression, and Padukone is an excellent example of how. Padukone shared a picture she posted on Instagram sporting the printed Adidas sweatshirt, paired with matching sweatpants. The overall style was simple while adding a touch of glamour by putting on a dramatic ponytail and a pair of delicate earrings.

The excitement of frill

The actor was seen wearing a red frilled neck top and leather leggings; Padukone made a splash on Instagram with a different look with a touch of sophistication. By combining two other elements, leather and frills, The actor created the perfect balance of style and edge. She finished her hairstyle with a simple braid and dangling gold earrings.

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