First Look at Peacock’s ‘Tiger King’ Drama ‘Joe vs. Carole’ (VIDEO)



“The story you know was only half the tale,” the teaser trailer for Joe Vs. Carole (formerly known as Joe Exotic) promises.

Peacock has announced the new title and the date for the premiere of the highly anticipated Tiger King drama created by Etan Frankel. It will feature John Cameron Mitchell and Kate McKinnon as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. All eight episodes are scheduled to air on Wednesday, March 3,

“This is who we’ve been after,” Carole declares when she puts Joe’s picture up on a display board as a teaser. “Whoever you are, we’re coming for you.” Check out the video below to hear Joe’s message to Carol and more. Also, please scroll down for the complete versions of the pictures that show Mitchell and McKinnon as they appear in the film.

“Joe vs. Carole is an exciting journey. It’s an entertaining and rich trip through the life of two people living extreme lives. When I began this project just one and half years ago, I discovered Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin to be captivating. This bizarre story of two big cat lovers quickly turned into an important story to tell. I’m hoping that when viewers watch Joe against Carole, perhaps they will discover the characters they believed were familiar with in a fresh manner,” Frankel said in an announcement.

“We knew that it would require two exceptional performers to play these larger-than-life individuals as the intricate and three-dimensional people they are. John Cameron Mitchell is one of the most skilled and thoughtful actors I’ve worked with. He is so devoted to the project in addition. His acting is stunning,” the creator, showrunner, writer, and executive producer said. “And Kate McKinnon is amazing. She can cause us to double over in laughter one minute and make us cry next. It was thrilling to see these two amazing actors change into their roles.”

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