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Digital media: The following age for the entertainment industry.



If one door is closed and another one opens, the other door is opened. The pandemic is causing grave consequences, but it also opens doors to opportunities.

In the wake of the lockdowns that have been imposed in many cities and provinces, off-line entertainment and programming which require physical interaction, like film screenings and fashion shows, music, and exhibitions, have been put off, and entertainment events are scheduled to be delayed for an indefinite period.

Although Vietnam has become a norm, performers and showbiz professionals are cautious when the process of planning their return. One of the reasons for this is the dramatic drop in budgets for entertainment.

But, it is also a source of wisdom. The pandemic has forced artists to embrace digital.

Unable to interact with fans face-to-face, artists reach out to customers via the internet. Many online music shows were launched on the internet over the past two years following the pandemic, including live In Sweet Home by Tuan Hung and Khac Viet as well as The Stay Strong Vietnam, which gathers many famous musicians as well as ‘Nhung chuyen”ke” (Stories to tell) written by Tuan Thang.

“When you’re on the stage, it is like you sing in the presence of crowds of thousands. However, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people can hear you sing when you stand in front of a screen,” said Thanh Bui, the famous artist.

In the height of the 4th Covid waves, a variety of galas and entertainment programs were broadcast on television and included ‘Chia Se de gan hon’ (Sharing difficulties to get closer) as well as ‘Cam On Nhung Dieu phi Thuong’ (Thanks for extraordinary things) and ‘O Nha van via (Having fun at home) and ‘San se You Thuong – Vuot Qua dai ditch (Sharing love and overcoming the epidemic) that did not just entertain people, but also strengthened morale.

People are more familiar with online music streaming. They are prepared to spend money on online music. They are also used to spending New Year at home instead of seeing Countdown Lights.

The platforms that offer copies of music protected by copyright, like Apple Music and Spotify, have gained a massive following over pirated music sites.

A Vietnamese internet-based film market has been gaining momentum due to the rise of Vietnamese digital platforms like POPs, Galaxy Play, FPT Play, and VieON, and international media like Netflix. With a single click, viewers can access Vietnamese films in high quality.

K+ Television ordered the production of a film that will be exclusively broadcast through its channels, similar to what Netflix is doing with Squid Game and Hellbound. Galaxy Play has also reportedly requested the production of films that will be aired on their online platforms.

The first national book fair was launched initially early April of 2020. It has achieved results that were higher than expected: 2 million visitors and VND1 billion in revenues.

The nation’s second book fair online in 2021 drew 5.9 million visitors and generated a revenue of VND3.5 billion.

The theater industry is changing digitally to adjust to changing circumstances. Theatres engage with the audience by bringing their productions to the digital realm. It cannot be lit each night because of Covid-19.

If the lights were unable to be turned on, companies like Tuoi Tre (Youth) Drama Theater, Hanoi Drama Theater, Hong Van Stage, Le Ngoc Theater put their work online.

In September 2020 In September 2020, The Department of Performing Arts under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) launched an official YouTube channel to test the model of online theater. Every Tuong, cheo, and can Luong (traditional Vietnamese types of music) performances are live-streamed for viewers to enjoy the show at their homes.

Which way for Vietnam?

Hosting Tribunal announced figures about the growth of online entertainment in the past five years. Livestream service usage increased by 20 percent annually, and Netflix will have 26 million new users by 2020. The market for live streaming services in 2017 was worth $184 billion. The market was 62 percent American users registered to the Livestream service.

The data illustrate that the pandemic is a significant threat and a fantastic chance for Vietnam to establish the online industry of entertainment.

Van Trinh, the ‘father of the online nightclubs Van Trinh, the ‘father’ of online nightclubs, believes that online is the answer for the entertainment industry both during and after the pandemic.

The way people buy tickets has changed, and performers can be confident about the growth of live streaming. At present, My Tam, a famous Vietnamese pop artist, is the only performer who has sold tickets to her show on the internet at a record-breaking price at VND1 million. The most surprising thing is that the site that allows customers to purchase tickets was already entire on the first day of the ticket sales.

Cinemas will soon be shut doors due to Covid-19, a new opportunity has been opened for filmmakers to showcase their work through digital media platforms. The director of the film ‘Gai Gia Lam Chieu (Camellia Sisters), Bao Nhan, and producer Nam Cito made their offering available to Netflix and Netflix, which had not occurred before.

The nation’s book fair is doing a fantastic job amid the epidemic and will continue to generate revenue for Vietnam’s publishing industry, satiating the needs of residents in all.

The analysts say that online entertainment can provide opportunities and create a more competitive environment for performers. The more it grows, the more ‘flat’ the world will become, possibly being shared equally among youngsters with passion and talent. Traditional technology for promotion will be outdated, and no person or legal organization will be capable of regulating the market. The performance metrics of their customers are quickly and publicly available on online platforms.

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Gangubai Kathiawadi is a Legit Performer at Package Office, to Near 70 crores in Week 1 Collection Report of Day 6. Update.



At the end of six days, Gangubai Kathiawadi collects around Rs 63 crore, which is a considerable sum given that Wednesday was the actual day for the Alia Bhatt-starrer in the absence of any holidays at the Box Office. Find the full report of the collection here.

Gangubai Kathiawadi Day 6. Box Office collection update: Gangubai Kathiawadi was a great success on Wednesday and racked up an impressive amount on the Box Office. Wednesday was the real test for the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial, almost like the first Monday for any film where only the content speaks and attracts the audience to the theatres. On Tuesday and Monday, as the festive season was alive because of Maha Shivratri, the film benefited and earned decent numbers. However, trade pundits were watching Wednesday to assess the possibilities of this Alia Bhatt-starrer at the Box Office. Also, Take a look at Gangubai Kathiawadi Defeats Valimai on Day 5 and earns the 50-crore mark on Maha Shivratri. Check the Complete Box Office Review of the Collection.

According to Box Office India, Gangubai Kathiawadi earned approximately 6 to 6-6.50 million on Wednesday, which is impressive considering it was a typical working day. A film with this amount will mean its message has been a hit with the public. The film is showing numbers even though it’s not performing at its maximum capacity in theaters and is battling two major films within the South. Also, read Gangubai Kathiawadi Box Office Day 4: SLB Takes on The Monday Test The Most Significant Ever for Alia Bhatt – Read the Full Collection Report.

After six days of being at the Box Office, Gangubai Kathiawadi is expected to bring in approximately 53 crores (net) in the first week. The film is anticipated to end its initial week run with around Rs 65-67 million (approx). If it keeps this pace, it should be able to surpass the threshold of Rs 100 crore within two weeks and will have a record of Rs 125 crore when it has finished its time at the Box Office. That would make Alia Bhatt the highest solo gross on the Box Office and beat Raazi, who raked in the sum of 122.39 crores during its entire run. Also, read – Meri Jaan Neeti Mohan’s Amazing Yodeling Gangubai Kathiawadi brings back the Golden Era of Music.

Take a look at our Box Office breakup of Gangubai Kathiawadi to date:

  • Friday Thursday: 10.50 crore. 10.50 crore
  • Saturday The total for the day was 1332 crore rupees. 13.32 crore
  • Sunday Friday: Rs 15.30 crore
  • Monday Wednesday: 8.19 crore. 8.19 crore
  • Tuesday Wednesday: 10.01 crore. 10.01 crore
  • Wednesday The amount is 6-6.50 crore
  • Total Estimated: Rs 63-64 crore

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Firefighters go to State Fire School.



Rob Knuth is the training director of the North Dakota Firefighters Association and the assistant chief for the Minot Rural Fire Department.

Knuth stated that this means that firefighters (96 percent) must be trained in various areas.

The Fire School offers a variety of levels of training. It includes beginning training for firefighters just joining their local fire departments to more advanced training in the tactical and strategic plans for chief officers and fire officers.

Live fire training will be provided for firefighters. This allows them to use live fires in a structure outside of the All Seasons Arena. They will also learn how to rescue a victim from an automobile wrecked. The class will also cover rope used for high-angle and low-angle rescues and water rescues.

The event will feature 800 students from North Dakota and 60 instructors. Knuth stated that some instructors are also from other states.

Knuth stated that it was possible to have as many as 30 people in a class of 20 fire departments.

Volunteer fire departments depend on mutual assistance from nearby fire departments. The Fire School training allows people to train alongside firefighters from another department, which could be helpful in an emergency.

Andrea Johnson/MDN Firefighters attending the State Fire School at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds were exposed to smoke and fire as part of a class exposing them to live fire.

Knuth stated that the most significant fire he responded to was one at Earth Recycling in Minot many years ago. It took several days to finish.

Sometimes, firefighters may need specialized equipment on a particular scene. This is when firefighters call upon their neighbors and friends from larger departments to assist them. A state emergency response team can also be called upon.

Knuth stated that volunteer firefighters appreciate being allowed to respond to emergency calls or pages. Employers that do not allow volunteer firefighters to respond will make it more challenging to call neighboring fire departments and take longer to extinguish the fire or react on an emergency call. Volunteer fire departments are essential because many communities cannot afford a career firefighter.

Knuth stated that fire departments in the state are struggling to find volunteers.

Firefighting can be both time-consuming and demanding. It requires dedication. When it is below zero degrees, firefighters might be called to respond at 2 a.m.

Knuth stated that there are other volunteer opportunities than firefighting. Fire departments also need volunteer dispatchers, secretaries/treasurers, and volunteers to clean up the fire trucks after a fire and put them back in service before the subsequent fire or rescue call.

Knuth stated that lodging and meals are the only expenses out of pocket. The North Dakota Firefighters Association pays the training cost. Firefighters who attend this weekend’s training do not need to pay.

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How to find purpose in your business projects.



The ultimate purpose of a project’s goal is what it will be used for.

Is a business project required to have a purpose? There have been many projects that seemed to have no intention at the beginning of their existence. They were nevertheless wildly successful once they were put into practice. Many projects have proven their worth, from famous buildings to technological innovations. Even though it was not clear, many projects have proven their usefulness over the years. Is this a sign that a business idea should have a purpose? Does this mean that all business projects will eventually find their place in society? The ultimate pursuit of a project’s goal is what it will be used for.

It’s an excellent place to start.

It is a good starting point to determine the project’s worth. Executives will see how a project may not have a specific use case for their business. It was invaluable in solving a business problem that the company might not have encountered before. The company does not have the money to continue investing in projects that don’t serve a real purpose. It’s more than picking projects that will benefit the company. It’s about finding the ones that will help the company in the future and perhaps even establishing it as a leader within the industry.

Let’s say that a project must be within a specific budget and completed in a given timeframe. Many businesses will cut their losses if the project exceeds these constraints. Many projects have proven their worth over the years despite similar challenges. Both the Sydney Opera House and Empire State Building projects took much longer than initially planned and cost a lot more. Both monuments are still standing for their respective countries. Both were not created with the same purpose when they were first created, but they have evolved to serve different purposes. These are examples of projects that could have been stopped because they exceeded their budget. The business use case is only the beginning. How can a business determine if it’s worthwhile to invest the time and effort necessary to complete the project?

The business case is not the only reason.

Companies invest significant resources in preparing the case for a project’s implementation. Before implementing a project, they need to thoroughly understand its impact on the company. This requires extensive research into the project and its potential benefits. This approach has a downside: it depends on people who desire to see a project succeed. These cases may be able to find passionate supporters, regardless of their downsides and analysis. A viable use case is essential for completing assignments. A survey done by Price Water house Cooper notes that only 2.5 percent of companies complete 100 percent of their projects, a shockingly small number.

Building purpose into a project

How can a company instill purpose into a project’s execution? A project’s goal might be simple: answering a question that will benefit the company’s bottom line or enhancing employee engagement. You might need to examine the company’s strengths, and weaknesses compared to its competitors and determine the customer sentiment. An analysis of the business’s processes might provide insight into its operations through hard, concrete statistics. These business processes might offer technical and statistical insights that the company needs. These requirements can be too restrictive and make it difficult to achieve the company’s goals. When setting goals, the business must consider what it can accomplish in a short time. It is better to build on your success than trying to achieve a massive goal in one go.

A project’s purpose must be understood to create it. The reason for a project must be more than just a way to make money. The project should be important to both the business and its employees. Employees who are dedicated to the project will likely give it meaning. Employees’ intrinsic motivations provide the project a drive that is unlike any other. This inherent motivation makes a project stand out and gives it meaning beyond its financial viability. Why should a company even think about being purpose-driven? Is there any intrinsic benefit to infusing purpose into a business’s projects?

Businesses reap the benefits of the purpose.

According to the EY Beacon Institute, purpose-driven companies are 2.5 times more likely to drive innovation and transformation than their peers. How do they do it consistently? Their success is due to the purpose of their project implementations. The project’s goals are important to employees. Emotions are powerful, and employees feel a vested interest in the project’s success. Leaders who can identify the inherent talent of employees and help them understand the purpose of a project are essential for businesses. If a project is connected to an employee’s feelings, it transcends business metrics and takes on a new life. This goes beyond metrics and returns on investment.

Find out why a project is being done.

I was asking why is one of the best ways to determine the purpose of a project. A single answer will often lead to another, and so forth. The business can maximize its potential by choosing the deeper meaning of the project. This chain of questions is not always relevant for all projects. A mindmap online will only answer the questions. The business may not have an innate purpose if it doesn’t discover a reason why the purpose exists by the end of this chain of whys. To determine if the project is worthy of completion, questions that outline the project’s timeline and deliverables are essential. While it might not seem like it will save money or time, cutting the company’s losses on a project can make a big difference in the long term. The why behind a project connects employees and businesses to its true purpose. This is often the essential element in ensuring the project’s success and reaping the benefits for the company.

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