Dewdrop Ready for Breakthrough Moment at WWE’s ‘Royal Rumble’



The 30-year-old Scot might be a little-known player; however, her game to Becky Lynch is the chance to turn heads.

Dewdrop will be in the spotlight for her career on Saturday night in the Royal Rumble when she enters the ring to fight Becky Lynch in a match to defend her title. Raw female title.

Lynch is among the most well-known stars in pro wrestling. An early pioneer in the business, She was the first female to raise her hand in the main event at event known as WrestleMania. She is now synonymous with WWE and has created a sense of excitement every time she appears on the screen.

The ring to the left of Lynch across the ring from Lynch Rumble is the almost unnoticed Dewdrop. Dewdrop should not be the case once the match has concluded and Doudrop, despite his eccentric name–is among wrestling’s most underrated wrestlers.

With a fantastic combination of power and agility, Doudrop is Scotland-born Kimberly Benson. Before joining WWE began, she fought across the globe, paving the way for women from Scotland’s ICW and Japanese Stardom and the Great British Pro Wrestling: EVE.

With various matches, Benson learned British technical wrestling, authoritarian Japanese style, and Lucha Libre. She tapped into her many wrestling skills, improving her abilities and establishing the foundation of a sport that very few.

And she continues to rise to new heights as she embraces the characteristics that define her as unique.

“For the longest time, I thought I was an anomaly,” the 30-year-old Benson admits. “I have spent a lot of my teenage years believing that I could be an individual. I was so unhappy with myself. I hated my hair. I was apprehensive about being significant. Whatever I did to shrink, I could not get smaller. I wanted to avoid being the biggest girl.

“But wrestling changed my life forever. It taught me that the things that make me unique are the thing that makes me different. It took me a long time to understand this, but I’m fortunate to have experienced wrestling. It is important to love yourself, and I’d like to be here to spread this message.”

The time she spent in Stardom is crucial in her professional career. This included training with Io Shirai, who helped make her a seasoned professional who is now in WWE.

“I loved Japan, but it was hard,” Benson admits. “I was so different, and my voice was so different. It made me stronger and determined, and proud. I was only a teenager at the time, and I had plenty of things to manage, and it prepared me for my future.,

“A majority of the girls had a notion about me. However, I was able to convince them. I was training each Monday with the Io. I had everything that the class had, even springboards. They were bottom-rope springboards. However, it was still springboarded, sure.

A different aspect of Benson’s persona that stands out can be seen in the form of her nickname. Before she was called Piper Niven or Viper Doudrop, the name Doudrop wasn’t necessarily one that’s comparable to “Stone Cold” or “The Boss.” However, she aims to become an international star under that name and gain an opportunity to do stunning works in the WWE canvas.

“I don’t mind the name,” Benson states. “But I love it when people question me. I enjoy proving people wrong. Therefore, when the name came out, many thought that we had punctured a tire before we stepped from the beginning. However, it’s not the kind of situation you’re placed in, but how you deal with it. It’s a tougher obstacle and will give you a sweeter reward.”

A significant change for Doudrop has taken place during the past two months when a sexier, darker character has replaced her bubbly and bright image. Benson had shown real maturity in her feelings, which is evident in her appearances on Raw with Lynch, especially when she explained her reasons for why she was worthy of the title in The Jan. 10 edition of Raw.

“That was my actual first in-ring live promo,” Benson admits. “I’d never performed a live promo in front of a crowd before. I’m thrilled for me to share it with Becky. We are from the same location. She was a wrestler and trained in Ireland. She’s one of the most prominent stars of the business. However, we have a lot in common and traveled the same route.”

Benson is determined to take Doudrop to the highest level with a truly authentic style to her work. With her partner Lynch during the Royal Rumble, she has the opportunity to demonstrate to the world of wrestling that Doudrop is an individual star that stands out from every other.

“I’m as agile as they come,” she claims. “The only wrestler in who is my size and can be more agile than I can is Keith Lee. My style is likely to match Becky’s style. It’s my time to show unleash my full potential, and I’m looking forward to making the most of the opportunity.”

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