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Begin with the TikTok stylist who helps people find their body types.



A stylist who is 20 and a TikTok sensation proves that each body is beautiful, as she shows people how to dress to feel confident and at ease.

Ellie-Jean Roydon, a resident of Kenninghall, began investigating body typing, she became addicted.

Body-typing refers to choosing clothes that are best suited to their body and shape.

Ellie-Jean Roydon, 20, from Kenninghall, has more than 300,000 followers on her TikTok account where she helps people to discover their personal body shapes. – Credit: Ellie-Jean Roydon

The student from the university did not anticipate that one year later, she’d be a full-time vivacious fashion stylist, with more than 300,000 users on TikTok.

She explained: “It all started when I completed my second year at UCL.

“I was searching for something to do, and I came across a YouTube video that discussed The Kibbee Theory.

“Kibbee is the personal stylist to many famous people and has his approach to determining your body style.

“I thought to myself, ‘Wow, that’s amazing. I’d like to know the more I can about it’ therefore, I immersed myself in his lessons. I was enthralled.”

Ellie-Jean Roydon, 20 is from Kenninghall. – Credit: Ellie-Jean Roydon

In September last year, the student studying comparative literature traveled to Canada for the third year of her study.

In the meantime, she set up the TikTok Account Body and Style and started making her first videos.

She amassed 1 million views and a plethora of followers throughout a single night.

As her fan base was growing, Ms. Roydon decided to return home to Norfolk and put her university studies in a halt to concentrate on her new career in fashion.

Ellie-Jean helps people to discover their personal body shapes. – Credit: Ellie-Jean Roydon

She explained: “The theory is that everybody has this Yin Yang balance. The opposite energies are strong and soft, light and dark, and heavy and light.

“The idea is that you dress in harmony with that yin and yang balance.”

In October, Ms. Roydon decided to establish her stylist business. Since then, she has assisted over 350 people.

She also said: “The way we feel about the clothes we wear or on our bodies is crucial.

“I have many women who tell me that they feel confused about my appearance. I don’t know what I’m about. This is more of an exploration of oneself.

“It feels so empowering and fulfilling to be able to help them.”

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