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America just can’t quit football. The numbers keep increasing while the scandals of the sport get larger.



The NFL has been for the last decade surrounded by controversy. It has been accused of not paying attention to traumatizing brain injuries among players, ignoring domestic violence or sexual abuse, and blaming Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee to protest racism in the system. The former president Donald Trump announced at one moment that he was done with football.

However, Americans aren’t able to get enough of it.

“Americans tend to be very worried about concussions and inherent dangers inherent to the sport. According to Fortune, they aren’t shocked about NFL players,” John Cluverius, director of the Center for Public Opinion at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. “Nevertheless, the public cannot stop watching. They are enthralled by the game and love playing the sport.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints game that aired on Fox last year. According to the preliminary figures, CBS’s coverage of the instant-classic Sunday evening playoff game for the division between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills averaged 34.5 million viewers. This is up by 20% over previous games on Fox.

The game was a nail-biter. There were three lead changes in the final two minutes of play before Kansas City prevailed in overtime. “Game of the year,” tweeted Myles Garrett, a defensive end with The Cleveland Browns.

Several media outlets celebrated it as one of the “best playoff football weekends ever” because the games all came right down to the wire. Aaron Rodgers may have played his final game as an NFL Packer. Tom Brady might have also played his last game following 22 years playing in the NFL.

The numbers for the Kansas City-Buffalo match exceeded the previous season’s highest that was set just a week before the game, when 28.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the game between Kansas City and Pittsburgh Steelers on NBC, according to Nielsen.

The record-breaking postseason rating cap off an impressive campaign for the NFL all-around in terms of ratings. The 272 games played in the regular season were watched by 17.1 million viewers on both digital and TV platforms, which is a 10 percent increase over the 2020 season and the league’s top average since 2015. The season was a success, as NFL games were a part of 90 of the most-watched telecasts on TV as per Nielsen. Television ratings for local channels, which are less of a positive sign for the NFL and have also risen within 21 of 32 markets that comprised the league.

The NFL suffered a loss of 4 billion dollars in 2020 because of the COVID-19 virus, but it’s hoping to rebound from the ailment this year thanks to new revenues from new games in the regular season and the expansion of legal betting on sports.

When polls consistently show Americans do not support the NFL’s actions against players who have protested. The numbers don’t match up with the public’s sentiment. Trump supporters are no longer in favor of the league. They don’t stop looking.

It is football’s most-watched sport in America by quite a distance. A 2021 Ipsos survey asked Americans whether they were passionate about different sports. Most (51%) of them said they were avid professional football fans. However, no other sport has even surpassed 40 percent. Football was a favorite among almost all kinds of demographics. The survey found that 51 percent of Democrats are supporters of the NFL, and 50 percent of Republicans are. Around 55% of all independents are also supporters. Football was also equally loved among Black as well as white Americans.

Cluverius discovered in his research the following: 37% of students who have advanced degrees and 38% of those without high school diplomas believe that football is their top sport to enjoy.

In addition, while 61% of Americans interviewed by Cluverius said that domestic violence was an issue in the NFL and 25% of female football fans reported that their enthusiasm for the sport was growing over the last couple of years, as opposed to 12% who said they had noticed decreased interest.

NFL support is just as integral to Americans the same way as the political parties they belong to as their political party, according to Cluverius.

“People choose the teams they play at a young age, and usually it’s inherited by their parents. They remain with the same team for the rest of their life. NFL support is perhaps the only thing in public opinion, which is the same dynamics as political party politics.”

Yet, Cluverius told Fortune he is often confused by the results of his polls. “If you explained the NFL to a marketing person and said, ‘we have an institution that is rife with scandal, whose most known players are in the headlines for either political or personal controversy, whose management is probably the most reactionary among the major sports leagues’ they wouldn’t believe that it’s the most popular sport in the country.”

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Contract Signing With An E-Signature In Sports



The sports sector is one of the most dynamic industries on the planet. It just stands out in a sea of hundreds of thousands of teams and much more supporters.

Furthermore, as a result of the broadcasting and sponsorship agreements, a significant amount of money has begun to come into the business.

Apart from that, player movements, fan demands, and sponsorship agreements cause a great deal of confusion during the season. If you’re involved in the industry, you’re probably already aware of what’s going on.

But, what if you could complete all of this on the internet? All contract negotiations and contract signing may now be completed entirely online thanks to digital signatures.

Here’s how it works:

Contract Signing With An E-Signature

In Word, You may Create an Electronic Signature

In the industry, it is customary to deliver a contract to the party who will be signing it in order to complete the transaction. Furthermore, it will take at least one week to complete this task.

Furthermore, create signatures online  in Word, contract signing may be completed in real time without the need for paper. Contract negotiations will no longer be a source of contention. Everything, from player contracts to sponsor agreements, is housed under this roof.

As an added bonus, this will save you both time and money, which are both incredibly valuable commodities in the industry.

The Business Environment Is Shifting

The sector has evolved as a result of the influx of money in the millions of dollars every year. Furthermore, sponsors, who are closely followed by teams, are willing to spend any amount of money to get what they want. In such a situation, it is critical to act immediately and decisively.

Suppose you’re signing a player in France from the United Kingdom, but another team from France is also interested in him.

Using an electronic signature in Word will give you an advantage over the other side because no one will have to fly over with a contract. There might be a slew more contract negotiations like this that you’ll want to win.

The Benefits of Contract Signatures over the Online

  • First and foremost, the procedure is extremely quick and simple for all parties involved.
  • Next, it provides you with a competitive advantage over your competition.
  • Furthermore, this reduces the amount of stress placed on your staff, who would otherwise have to rush around to acquire signatures.
  • Finally, you will be among the first to reach the new millennium.


Most significantly, it is critical to keep up with technological advancements. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the sports sector or not.

If you choose not to accept anything new, you may find yourself falling behind your competition. In a similar line, the use of electronic signatures for small business is quite significant nowadays.

Contract signing may be a piece of cake if you have this software. Furthermore, there are just too many benefits to continue to disregard this transformation.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking for a digital signature service, WeSignature is the one you’ve been looking for. We’ll make sure you get the greatest service possible at the best possible price. All you have to do is get in touch with WeSignature to begin the process.

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Bojoko increases its UK presence through Bojoko Sports Betting the launch.



The gambling affiliate Bojoko recently launched the Bojoko Sports Betting website in the UK, which will help it gain a more significant foothold in the British gaming and wagering industry.

By employing a ‘double layer’ method, Bojoko aims to provide users with an understanding of what a book offers before they sign up and deposit money. At the same time, Bojoko’s UK customer base of up to 30,000 users can also review and rate the operators based on their personal experiences.

Furthermore, Bojoko has leveraged a team of independent testers of sportsbooks who have provided feedback and a rating on bonuses, odds, and other aspects for each website featured.

The company has developed its website to provide details on the UK betting on sports and online gambling experts and sports enthusiasts providing written content. Visitors can search through a “large variety of British sportsbooks, each being evaluated according to strict guidelines before being included on the site.

Jussi Viljanen, Bojoko’s Head of the Sports department at Bojoko Jussi Viljanen, Bojoko’s Head of Sports, stated: “Having established Bojoko as an elite affiliate casino online within the UK market, it was sense to move into the wagering on sports vertical to let bettors look around and select the top sports betting online websites.

“Our innovative double-layer approach helps to highlight the sportsbooks that go above and beyond to deliver a top player experience while at the same time allowing our visitors and members to identify those brands quickly and easily.”

Other features available on the site include various tools that allow users to search for sportsbooks according to each user’s most critical aspects of their personal preferences.

Operators are also assessed by their withdrawal time and the firm offering badges available to those who can meet the minimum threshold. Operators may apply for this badge if they believe their cashouts are swift enough to meet the point.

Bojoko developed its brand new website with the same design approach it has utilized in its UK casino since it made its public debut in 2017.

Viljanen further said: “We have taken the same approach to Bojoko Sports Betting as we have with the online casino, and we believe this will help us quickly emerge as the leading destination for UK bettors looking for information about sports betting as well as quick access to the latest and the best sportsbooks.”

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Kraken’s Blackwell is trying to find his stride in the second third.



The human body begins to be impacted by being a part of the National Hockey League around the season’s halfway point. The numerous bruises and bumps and scrapes and scrapes and the stress of playing four games over seven days begin to cause fatigue to even the most demanding players.

Colin Blackwell finds himself in the rare situation of not being a part of that majority. While he and the expanding Seattle Kraken come into Boston to play Boston Bruins on TD Garden Tuesday (7 p.m.) in the first-ever match, The veteran St. John’s Prep superstar is healthy, well-behaved, and ready to perform his best hockey in the 2021-22 period.

“Honestly, it’s the best I’ve felt for a while now,” said the forward who started the season by suffering a lower back injury that forced him to be absent from training camp and the beginning of the season. He was forced to withdraw from the team following his December absence after being put into the COVID protocol for the league.

“Especially these past few games, I’m feeling very well. I’m not experiencing any more pain or injury. I’m just skating and not worrying about anything,” Blackwell added. “I feel like I’m playing good hockey, and our team is turning into a new direction. I’m in good health and am fully prepared to play.”

5’9,190 pounds, which can play any position in the forward three, is currently skating left wing for the team’s fourth line, along with experienced center Riley Sheahan and former Bruin Karson Kuhlman. They are a fast grinding team.

After Sunday’s loss 3-2 at home in New York in the Rangers, Blackwell has four goals with three assists and seven points through 21 games, while he ranks third on the team’s shooting percentage, completing 16.4 percent of his shots.

Blackwell is trying to be a force in every game as a top-six forward, regardless of the role he’s expected to fill or the amount he is involved in a specific game.

“Mindset and confidence are huge things,” Blackwell said. Blackwell recorded his best career in all areas while playing in the Rangers in 2020-21, with 12-10-22 in 47 games. Blackwell was later selected for the Kraken in the expansion draft in the summer of last year.

“One thing I’ve certainly been trying to incorporate into my game is to have more of an attacking mindset and be efficient with the time I’m given. If I can hold on to the puck for a longer and make the most chances to shoot, it’s good for us. The more pucks you hit create more energy for the linemates, you, and your teammates, leading to scoring opportunities.

“We haven’t had many D-zone shifts the last few games,” he said, “but it makes sense that if you’re on a third or fourth-liner who is at home, you’ll likely be in a battle with the team’s top line since they’ve made the most recent change. Blocking shots is a huge benefit for me because it creates momentum and demonstrates defensive responsibilities. You can add it to your arsenal whatever you do to help build trust with your coaches and teammates.”

Although they haven’t had the kind of immediate success they did the Vegas Golden Knights did in their first campaign four years ago. However, the Kraken has successfully won four of the recent seven games and is expected to gain momentum as they move from January towards February.

Blackwell stated that the atmosphere of the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle has “been so passionate and fantastic” thanks to raucous and loyal fans, who are just beginning to learn about hockey and the long-time fans of the game. Blackwell has noticed many Kraken sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel throughout the downtown area. Blackwell lives with his girlfriend, Lauren, and their miniature Goldendoodle Bexley, soaking up the inaugural excitement team has generated in The Pacific Northwest.

Even though he’s not home as often as he’d prefer to playing his trade 3,057 miles away from his family’s residence at North Andover will do that — he is grateful for every opportunity to be a part of Boston in front of his parents and the close family members who attend St. John’s Prep.

Tuesday’s game against the Bruins on the TD Garden. TD Garden will mark Blackwell’s 102nd NHL game after crossing the century mark just four nights before in Pittsburgh.

“It means a lot to me,” Blackwell acknowledged. “From a child that was from North Andover Youth Hockey and St. John’s Prep, one who was forced to take so long away to play (at Harvard) because of injuries, and was close to putting down the hockey boots … I’m not taking 100 matches in the NHL lightly. I’m pretty proud of it.

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