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Agile Banking- Managing the Challenge of Change



Business Dexterity

Business dexterity is the capability of a business to acclimatize fleetly and bring efficiently in response to changes in the business terrain. Business dexterity can be attained by maintaining and conforming goods and services to meet client demands, conforming to the changes in a business terrain and taking advantage of mortal coffers.

Dexterity in Banking

Dexterity in the environment of banking does not mean just speed in prosecution; it also means that the bank is nimble and flexible. Dexterity helps the bank to win a marathon, as opposed to a hundred cadence gusto.

A bank, which is nimble, will be suitable to roll out new products at a much more rapid-fire pace to meet the target of treating each client as a member of one. This rapid-fire product development and rollout can be managed only if the bank is backed by a clear process strategy to handle product complexity and accompanying growth. This combination of product and process in an nimble bank is anticipated to increase the quality of client experience, which can be benchmarked using a standard of growth combined with stickiness. By growth, we mean that a bank is suitable to attract new guests as well as further business from being guests. High stickiness means low client waste.

Hence, dexterity helps a bank to streamline its process similar that it can roll out newer products at a rapid-fire pace to increase the quality of client experience, and thereby retain being guests and attract new bones. Read about EDD banking!

Types of Dexterity

Dexterity can be classified in two ways. A bank can be either Range Agile or Time Agile.

Range Dexterity defines the capability of the bank to broaden or shrink specific aspects of its capabilities. This also implies that the bank is suitable to increase or drop the portfolio of its products and services. This can be by contemporaneously expanding or shrinking the bank’s processes and the capabilities of its people. A range nimble bank will also be suitable to tap new and arising platforms and channels like Social Media, which can be used to crowd source the development of products that can feed to the requirements of a particular member.

Time Dexterity defines the speed with which a bank can roll out new products and services to take care of the varying requirements of guests. For a bank to be time nimble, the processes and systems that uphold operations should be able of handling the frequent changes in the bank’s immolations. The use of state-of-the- art banking results will enable the bank to turn around newer products snappily and manage different products and services as time progresses.

Challenge of Change

Hence, an nimble bank is one that’s on the move and constantly witnessing change. An nimble bank will also have a large number of alliances with mates who contribute to colorful corridor of the product and service immolation. The way the change is managed will determine whether the bank succeeds at adding client satisfaction and profitability or ends up with a large number of immolations that add to the chaos, but not to client satisfaction.

Some of the crucial way on the trip towards dexterity, which will help in managing the challenge of change, are as follows

Identify the Change Motorist

The need for dexterity in a bank can arise from a change motorist. This change motorist can be internal or external. External change motorists arise from factors over which the bank has nearly no control, like a reduction in periphery because of a hike in interest rates, or an increased nonsupervisory compliance burden on account of heightened Central Bank morals. Internal change motorists can arise from factors similar as junction and accession or a reduction in pool. The motorist of dexterity needs to be linked and communicated easily within the bank and to all its stakeholders.

Identify the Dexterity Enablers

After relating the change motorists, the bank needs to identify the dexterity enablers against each. The current and target countries need to be linked for each of these motorists as well as the enablers that will take the bank to its target. For case, the loss of guests due to the attainability of mobile banking, can be a change motorist. The dexterity enabler in this case could be the relinquishment of a new technology result for Mobile Banking. Another motorist could be the need to reduce the waiting time at the teller window. The dexterity enabler in this case could be service robotization through an ATM or pavilion, supported by IT structure at the backend.

Strategy Formulation and People Management

The top operation of the bank needs to identify the strategy for each of these enablers and communicate the same to the unit or department concerned. In each unit, a core platoon must be formed to manage the transition, as well as communicate with the people within. More frequently, the strategy formulated by the bank must encompass the change in its technology geography. The bank might replace the heritage systems with the rearmost Banking system to cover its end to end operations. This might bear developing the chops of the bank’s workers. Hence, every strategy formulated to reach the target state of an dexterity enabler must consider the people dimension, especially from the viewpoint of minimizing chaos.

Effective Business Process Operation

The business processes needs to be easily proved; in the case of an nimble bank, Business Process Operation (BPM) needs to be constantly streamlined, rather by the people who carry out the business processes. The business rules, constraints, processes and programs need to be proved as part of BPM. The generation of business process maps isn’t a one- time exertion and will constantly suffer change as the bank changes its products and processes to come more range nimble. Hence, it’s prudent to identify the possessors for each business process, who’ll be responsible for keeping the process attestation up to date. An enterprise BPM result will help the bank in managing business processes and also making them accessible to all their separate stakeholders. Read about Jcpenney credit card!

Effective Decision Making

An nimble bank, working in a dynamic business terrain, needs to respond to change to valve growth openings. The effectiveness of decision- timber will determine the quality of the response. The performance criteria and data applicable to the bank need to be uprooted and presented within the shortest possible supereminent time for nimble decision timber. The best-in- class IT results for banks come with their own analytics results, able of generating the data needed for analysis, at aclick.However, it’s worth exploring an Enterprise Decision Dashboard (EDD), If there are multiple enterprise systems and multiple accessories operating within the bank. An EDD will have the data birth and donation capabilities to take the affair from multiple systems and present it to the decision makers.

Review and Monitoring

A steering commission conforming of the CXOs of the bank needs to be formed, and charged with conducting periodic review and directing course correction if needed, in the trip towards dexterity. Under the steering commission, a core platoon comprising members from each concerned SBU or department must be formed that will drive and cover the progress made in their separate departments.


The trip towards making a bank nimble involves changes, which affect its people, processes and products. This is accompanied by a change in its technology geography to grease rapid-fire invention and metamorphosis. These changes needs to be precisely calibrated and managed so that the bank’s living guests don’t feel any adverse impact and the bank also attains a larger request share and advanced client satisfaction at the end of the trip.

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How to Make the Most of Your Day While Working at Home



Working from home offers great flexibility. But sometimes, you may feel distracted or distant from the work at hand. If you find it difficult to maximize your productivity when working from home, you’re not alone. So here is how to make the most of your day while working at home.  

Start Your Day Off Right 

An easy habit to fall into when working from home is rolling out of bed and onto the computer. When you start getting into this habit, you are losing valuable time you can use to start your day off right. Try instating a morning routine to get energized and in the right mindset for the day. 

Pick an outfit to work in that isn’t pajamas. Dressing the part can push you to be more productive throughout the day. Being ready for the day will also prevent you from wasting time putting yourself together for video meetings or impromptu on-screen chats. 

Set Up Working Hours 

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to move from task to task with little rhyme or reason. When you don’t have set working hours, you can easily start procrastinating instead. To avoid this you need to set up working hours for yourself. 

The best part about working from home is setting up these hours in whatever way works best for you. You may want to work in a two-hour burst with breaks in-between. Or you might prefer blocking off four-hour blocks in the morning and evening with time in the middle of the day for other activities. No matter how you decide to split it up, you will be more productive and accountable when you set up concrete working hours throughout the day. 

Organize Your Space 

One of the difficulties of working from home is your personal life and work-life blending together. It can be impossible to focus on your work if there is a big pile of dishes in your line of vision. You can take time out of your work from home day to keep your space organized. 

During one of your breaks you can organize all of those dishes on a sink rack so they aren’t cluttering your space. If you’re not sure how to clean that space, you can check out some great over-the-sink rack options too. 

Doing small organizational tasks throughout your day can keep your home consistently clean as well. So you can always have a peaceful place to do your work. 

Plan Out Your Day 

With seemingly endless time during the day when working from home, you can easily make the most of your day by planning it out. There are many different methods for planning your day. You can use a classic planner to block out important meetings, dates, and deadlines. 

If you have to work on multiple projects at once, then using project management software can help you keep everything organized. Using planning tools can also help you set milestones and goals in your work. 

If you were in an office, these goals may have been set by a manager. But when you’re working from home it can help to see your own goals and deadlines on a planner to point you in the right direction. From here, you can start breaking down tasks into actionable items. Then, you’ll be able to work on them in your dedicated working hours and make the most of your day. 

Take Thoughtful Breaks 

When you work at home you can make the most out of your breaks. You can do different activities to keep yourself energized and ready to conquer more tasks. Take these times throughout the day to work on yourself. You can do activities on your breaks like:

  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Doing a 15-minute workout
  • Taking a stroll with your dog
  • Running a quick errand 

When you are working at home, you have the flexibility to incorporate your ideal lifestyle into your workday. So try to use your break times to do things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you worked at an office. 


Working from home is the new normal for most people. Finding ways to make the most of your day may feel overwhelming, but it’s a great way to plan out your tasks and improve productivity. So get out there and make every day great while working from home. 

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Even though the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has been awarded the title of Gateway to the Eden;One can still define its immense beauty.The Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir is one of the best treks in Kashmir.The beauty is so rich and unique that it dominates every other breathtaking place in the world.Still,competing with each other for the crown of ‘Most Charming One’.


It is not uncommon to find such beauty and adventure in a single trek.Well,the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is also not ordinary.The long trek of 8 days and nights crosses 4 passes in just one trek. It sounds unusual,but it’s true.


The entire trail is full of attractive and clear views.This means that thoughts remain free from all obstacles.You will not find any human settlement or forest chain,or any other obstacle that can block your view at such a height.


Apart from its breathtakingly beautiful views, this Kashmir trek also has a thrilling stretch along the way.How to go hiking close to POK border? Part of the trek travels along Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.Does it sound tempting or terrifying?You decide.


One thing you must note about KGL- it is always about the journey and not the destination.Walk through 6 different meadows marked with flowers and 7 different ancient Kashmir Great Lakes.They are giving competition to each other in terms of their beauty.


Translated as‘Naked Mountain Nanga Parbat has the highest mountain face in the world.Also,it is the ninth highest mountain in the world.Nanga Parbat has tremendous vertical relief which makes the climb deadly. Exciting, right!The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is often abbreviated to KGL. One of the most ornate treks in this entire wonderful country.Join us on a journey through vast meadows, sparkling lakes, stunning landscapes and much more.


Shekdur Campsite (also known as Tabletop) is the first destination on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek.It is a vast grassland with flat meadows and is surrounded by forest and mountains.Sonmarg valley can be seen at some distance from this point. The sunrise from this place is really spectacular.The place also has a shepherd’s hut where one can get snacks like tea, kahwa and Maggi.


The trek starts from a small village called Sitakari near Sonmarg.The trail begins by going up and down dense forests, crossing rivers and streams.As you progress, you will pass through endless meadows and landscapes with all shades of green and brown.You will also cross high altitude passes like Gadsar Pass and Jaz Pass where you may also get snow depending on the season.


During the 07 days of your visit to this beautiful place, you will be trekking and hiking in a country where life is simple and the air is thin.Kashmir Great Lakes Trek gives an opportunity to witness the lifestyle of the people of Kashmir.There are also some shepherd’s huts on the trail where nomadic tribesmen of Gurjars and Bakharwals live with their cattle.These people are the most polite and lovely people.


The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a unique experience for many reasons.The trekking route offers a unique variety of landscapes and views of spectacular,snow-capped mountains such as Mount Harmukh.The geography and changing seasons have made it unique from looking like trekking to other parts of the Indian Himalayas.The untouched beauty of this remote place has its own charm which you will not find anywhere else in the Indian Himalayas.


Each day you’ll be camping in the gorgeous meadows on the shores of alpine lakes.Each campsite on the Great Lakes Trek is beautiful,although individually, our camp near Krishnasar Lake was the prettiest.If the moonlight is weak then you can see millions of stars at night and also the Milky Way.The views of the camps during sunrise and sunset were absolutely magical.It is recommended to extend the itinerary by a day or two as buffer day.That you can spend the extra day at one of the camping sites and enjoy the raw and beautiful.


As the name suggests the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes you through more than 12 alpine lakes.Where each lake is prettier than the other.An interesting thing about these lakes is that some lakes are named after Hindu deities.With their immense beauty and turquoise colored water,these lakes are a visual delight for the trekkers.

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Every person wants to decorate his beloved house a bit like the planet of his dreams, whether it’s small or big. Tapestry is one among the  ways to offer an excellent look to the house. No matter whether the home is big or small, these tapestries provide a stylish  look to the house .Today time tapestries are used in unique and  very different ways.  The primary room in the entire house is the living room and it definitely provides the best impression to the guests visiting your home.

Wall tapestry is a great way to design a way to make the walls look attractive. You are also  able to express yourself and your aesthetic sense in the stylish possible way by designing your house. There are many tips which  help you beautify your home in the best possible way even without an interior designer.

10 living room wall décor ideas

1)  Hanging Geometric Winter Snowflake Cutout

This living room exudes the spirit of a bright winter day. The roaring fireplace, plush white rug, and adorable sledge-shaped coffee table all come together to create a playful setting. Geometric snowflakes hanging on the wall accentuate the theme while adding modern texture. The warm yellow paint on the wall shines through the cutouts in the decor, making you wonder whether you’re looking at a glistening snowflake or a gleaming sun.

2)  Colorful local cartography

A map is a great way to bring the outside world into your home. This bright and colorful map stands in front of a white wall and fills the room with excitement. Bold patterned pillows pull off shades of pink and orange and help tie the room together. You can choose to hang either a map of your country or a map of a place you would love to visit one day.

3)  Funky Square Wall Decor Ideas

Many fine examples of art take advantage of the colored paint below. This set of patterned squares stands apart from the plain green wall; The space between each square becomes a new part of the design. The swirling combination of black and white is interesting but not too busy, which makes it a great choice for living room wall decor.

4)  Rainbow Ribbon Hanging Wall Decoration

Who said there should be curtains for windows? This lovely piece uses a curtain rod to hang it off the wall. Each ribbon matches a color elsewhere in the room. The ribbons flutter with every light breeze, adding a bit of momentum to the room’s design. Consider hanging some string lights behind it to create an eye-catching glow.

5)  moody blue abstract floral painting

This color matches perfectly with the brightly colored coffee table in this painting. The simple room design works well with an intricate piece of art to create a modern and moody feel.

6)  Elegant Golden Living Room Wall Decor

This piece of art is delicate and ornate. Simple gray lines and shimmering gold paint add to bring out the image of beautiful flowers. This type of art wall adds class and luxury to the design of the room. Pair it with other golden embellishments to really bring out the color and shine.

7)  Colorful abstract art piece

This room has white walls and a white sofa, which means there is nothing to distract from the gorgeous colorful painting. The design is abstract but spectacular; Each splash of paint brings out the mood and emotion. Flowers and plants have been placed on either side of the painting to frame it with natural colours.

8)  Pattern Paper Chain Curtain Design

Have you ever made chains of paper as a kid? This unique piece of art takes a classic technique and brings it to a whole new level. Each series is cleverly threaded with different colored episodes. There’s color, speed, and curiosity in this decor.

9)  Simple Stencil Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Sometimes art hangs on bare walls. And sometimes, the art is the wall. This design takes advantage of a  geometric pattern to create something visually pleasing. The triangles point away from the vertices, making the space appear larger than it actually is. 

10)        Three Panel Thematic Print Art

A Tripitaka is a piece of art expressed in three panels. These artsy prints all fit the same delightful pineapple theme. Matching golden frames tie the pieces together and add a touch of class to the gallery wall. A neutral sofa features throw pillows that have been chosen to match the printed colors; The result is warm, fun and definitely trendy.

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