37 eminent people wish President’s dialogue with political parties successful.



In a statement on Thursday (22 December), thirty-seven eminent citizens praised Leader Abdul Hamid’s move to sit back with political parties for dialogues around the synthesis of a fresh Election Commission and thought because of its success.

Leader Abdul Hamid opened the dialogue on Saturday with Jatiya Celebration (Japa), the main resistance in the parliament.

In a joint record, the eminent citizens claimed, “The Leader has brought the initiative to keep dialogues with the documented political parties of the united states, which we consider to be appropriate and urgent in the present context of the country.”

Dhaka School Emeritus Professor Doctor Serajul Islam Chowdhury, former minister Barrister Amir-ul Islam, former Great Court Determine Abdul Matin, former Election Commissioner Doctor M Shakhawat Hossain, former Bangladesh Bank Governor Doctor Saleh Uddin Ahmed, former Case Assistant Ali Imam Majumder, and others signed the statement.

Additionally, they lauded the financial development Bangladesh reached in some indices.

Nevertheless, their record noted that Bangladesh is falling behind regarding problems like elections, accountability, law enforcement, freedom of speech, and construction rights, among others.

“The rate of inequality can be increasing alarmingly. The decreasing quality of training and health care is now undeniable. Beyond that, yet another key cause for the matter could be the deterioration of patience within our politics,” the record read.

The eminent citizens expected the leader might examine with the political parties the measures and agreement required to create financial growth inclusive and the distribution program equitable.

“We also wish through the dialogue, a draft around potential Bangladesh is going to be produced that will be appropriate to any or all,” they claimed in the statement.

The joint record further predicted that unique measures could be used to address the matter of individual rights abuses in the claimed draft.

The citizens’ coalition also expected an agreement among the parties similar to the tripartite outline drafted in 1990.

“At once, we call on the Leader to include the press and civil society organisatorganizationsmethod,” they said.


The existing EC is scheduled to end on 14 February 2022.

Presently, you can find 39 documented political parties in the united kingdom, according to the EC website. Nevertheless, only seven parties have representation in the parliament.

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